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Business funding: what you need to know

Business Funding 101

Business funding: what you need to know

So you want cash? Many people come to me to find fast ways to fix their cash flow problems. And for many, that is asking about grants or funding.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

So you want cash? Many people come to me to find fast ways to fix their cash flow problems. And for many, that is asking about grants or funding. 


The good news is that there are many funding opportunities from the government and private sectors. The bad news is a grant won’t fix your cash flow issues. It is a bandaid solution to a much bigger problem you have going on. 


So who is a grant or business funding suited to? Cash injections from these opportunities are for businesses with the right processes and operations. They are staged for growth but need the extra financial backing to take them there. They do not have issues with debt, ROI, cash flow or other serious roadblocks.

What is a business grant and how do I get one?

In Australia, “grants are widely used to achieve government policy objectives, involving the payment of billions of dollars each year to the non-government sector. The Australian Government provides grants to a wide number of stakeholders for the benefit of all Australians.” 


They are designed to help expand business opportunities and can be delivered by local, state and federal government initiatives as well as non-government grants and assistance packages. In Australia, there are around 1,500 government grants worth almost $40 billion available. 


So how do you get a slice of that pie? You apply. 


But, it’s not that easy. Grants can be confusing, and the application process can be more time-consuming than many are aware of. There is also a limitation on applicants. Anyone who applied for the Queensland Government’s Business Basics grant will understand this. The first few rounds of this grant were exhausted within 30 minutes to one hour after opening. 

You can first start by using the Government’s grants and program finder. Here you will find a guided search tool to show you what available grants, funding or support programs you could be eligible for.

Business funding, is it free money?

Another opportunity is to go down the path of seeking private funding or investment. However, it is important to know it is not free money. You will need to either pay it back or provide a return on the investment. 


There are many things to consider when looking at business funding opportunities. The most important thing is to not simply choose on face value interest cost. You want to match the method of financing with the purpose. 

  • Are you needing funding for new equipment? 
  • Or to grow and acquire? 


Depending on what you need to do will help shape the type of finance you are needing. To understand what funding options you should consider, check out the Queensland Government’s Fund Your Business support pack. 

We work closely with major banks, private lenders, investors and private equity firms and have extensive experience in the preparation of finance proposals, delivering the information financiers want and need to make a decision. This understanding maximises your chances of securing funding that is structured to meet your needs.



Can I apply for a grant or funding myself?

Yes, but it helps to have someone who knows this space. Finding which grant or funding option is best for you can take time. And, it can mean you spend time working ON your business before you begin the finance opportunity search. 


When we start with businesses seeking funding, we ensure that you deliver a robust proposition to potential lenders or investors, supported by tested and appropriate financial assumptions. We can also conduct an independent review of your business, prepare financial modelling and test your organisation’s performance. We can identify and highlight risks and implement mitigation plans before they become potential issues in the eyes of your lender or investor.


We can work with you to deliver:

  • funding solutions with a broad range of funders
  • advice on lending documentation, covenants and terms
  • negotiation of terms with potential funders
  • Refinancing tenders
  • Debt restructuring
  • Preparing budgets and financial forecasts 
  • Preparing information memorandums
  • ​Capital raising


Our advisors source the best funding solutions from reputable lenders and investors, assisting you with:

  • Commercial property lending
  • Acquisition funding
  • Property Development funding (first, second mortgages and pref. equity)
  • Working capital funding
  • Asset finance and lease limits
  • Business refinance tenders
  • Capital Raising
  • Government and Industry Grants
  • Government Incentives and subsidies


If you want to learn more about growing your business with a business loan, securing an investor or apply for a grant, contact us.