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Knowing your margins in manufacturing matters!

Boutique Manufacturer

A leading boutique manufacturer based in South East Queensland has had sustained sales growth year on year without the need for any advertising. Since opening in 2010, the manufacturer has built a sustainable clientele base which means they are constantly at operating capacity. Despite this, the manufacturer has yet to capitalise on its favourable situation to achieve a consistent and sustainable profit. With the help of Aurelius Advisory, the manufacturer identified their inconsistent profit margin was a result of an inefficient costing and quoting process.
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“I worked collaboratively with Andrew to formulate a strategy to ensure the retention and development of our key staff members whilst we undertake significant growth in our family business. The strategy has allowed me to have more time with my family and importantly, feel confident that our key staff our trained to handle any challenges. Andrew is a clear communicator and a pleasure to work with.”

Corinna Kurniawan

Subway Franchisee

“Aurelius Advisory initially conducted an operational review of our business and now continues to provide strategic guidance on an ongoing basis. The review identified opportunities to streamline processes, utilise our resources more efficiently which has helped us to spend more time focusing on our clients’ needs”

Firman Junus

Salient Capital Management
Testimonial - Borgo

“I was recommended to use Aurelius Advisory by a friend and have been very pleased with all the help, advice and support I have received. I have found Andrew and the team have endeavoured to assist me with any queries large and small. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aurelius Advisory to anyone wanting to redefine their business, reducing their risks and improving profitability.”

Tristan Borgo

CMT Technical Solutions

“Andrew is down to earth at the same time as being professional. The whole process was extremely smooth and I was very impressed with the results. The financial modelling scenarios we received were very beneficial in our negotiation for a significant new contract; Aurelius Advisory has saved me their fee many times over!”

Thaddeus Lin

Managing Director - Install Right

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge combined with a matter of fact yet personable manner and explains even the most complex of accounting matters in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend Aurelius Advisory to those who are thinking of seeking professional strategic advice without the jargon or simply wanting a business health check.

Marc Giordano

Director - L&G Solutions

“Andrew provided incredible insight into my business. Working with him has given me a sharper and more strategic focus and, as a result, a renewed sense of excitement for the future. The clarity that he was able to bring to my numbers and the performance of my business was amazing and he has helped me to develop a practical and achievable plan. Most importantly he has maintained regular contact to ensure that I remain accountable and keep moving towards achieving the goals that I have set”

Christina Kim

Bespoke Womenswear